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*** ALERT ***

Hearing/Induction Loops


HMRC have advised that that hearing/induction loops when installed in a place of worship are eligible for the zero rate of VAT. Claims for this work are therefore not eligible for a grant from the Listed Places of Worship grant scheme and applicants should speak to contractors to ensure they are charged VAT at the correct rate.


Extension of the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme


The Government recently announced changes to the scope and operation of the Listed Places of Worship grant scheme, these changes came into effect on 1 October 2013. From this date, works to pipe organs, turret clocks, bells and bell ropes are eligible for claims under the scheme. Professional services directly related to eligible building work such as architect fees are also eligible.

Also from 1 October 2013, applications to make use of the scheme are accepted from religious or charitable groups whose principal or primary purpose is to conserve, repair and maintain redundant listed places of worship are not in private ownership.

The changes to scope will be accompanied by administrative changes to simplify claiming through the scheme:

  • In any twelve month period, each place of worship may submit one claim using eligible invoices with a value of less than 1000, but more than 500 (excluding the VAT paid). This is in addition to an unlimited number of claims where the value of eligible work carried out (excluding VAT) is 1000 or greater
  • Scanned or photocopied invoices are now accepted to support claims
  • The scheme will process payment runs each week to deliver a smoother flow of payments to applicants. This will result in most applicants receiving their grant more quickly.

Full details of all changes and how they will apply are detailed throughout this website. New application forms and guidance documents can also be downloaded using the left hand menu options.


The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme makes grants towards the VAT incurred in making repairs and carrying out alterations to listed buildings mainly used for public worship. The scheme has an annual budget of 42m, and presently receives around 4000 claims each year.

The expansion to include professional fees and works to pipe organs, turret clocks, bells and bell ropes applies to works supplied on or after 1 October 2013.

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The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme administrators are investigating the possibility of introducing an online self service application. This would provide you, the claimants, with the ability to input claims and upload supporting documentation as well as review claim progress and claim history. Before any final decisions are taken, we are seeking the views of current claimants.

All personal details will remain anonymous and no information will be passed to any third parties.

Please click here to complete the survey

Transitional arrangements for alterations underway prior to 21 March 2012.

Under transitional arrangements VAT zero-rating continues to apply until 30 September 2015 for certain approved alterations where either a 'relevant consent' was applied for before 21 March 2012 or a written contract was entered into before 21 March 2012. More information is available in HMRC's Information Sheet 10/12. Please click here for details

Where the work performed qualifies for zero-rating under the transitional rules and your builder has charged VAT in error, the VAT cannot be reclaimed through the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme. Your builder should instead consult HMRC's public notice 700/45 on How to correct VAT errors and make adjustments of claims. Please click here for details


The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme makes grants towards the VAT incurred in making repairs and carrying out alterations to listed buildings mainly used for public worship.

This guidance is designed to help you in completing your application. Please read this carefully before completing the application form.

If you require further assistance then please speak to one of our operators on 0845 601 5945. Calls will be charged at the local rate.

To avoid the possibility of duplicate payment we share some of the information you provide to us with other grant providing organisations such as English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund, other relevant Lottery distributors and devolved administration heritage agencies, Cadw, Historic Scotland and Northern Ireland Environment Agency. We will hold some of the information you give on the database and use this information to process applications and grants and to produce


Following the introduction of the change to the VAT rate applied to alterations to listed buildings on 1 October 2012, up to £42m per year will be available for the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme for the duration of this Parliament. This total annual budget includes administration costs of grant assessment and processing.

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